Alex Kane

Alex Kane is a Brooklyn-based freelance journalist who writes on civil liberties and Israel/Palestine.

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Obama Protected Mosques. Will Trump Target Them?

Mosques in America, which the Obama administration fought to defend, now embody the threat to religious liberties posed by President Trump.

AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano
AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano Imam Mahdi Bray, center, executive director of the Muslim American Society, speaks at a news conference in front of the proposed Islamic center and mosque site near ground zero, Monday, September 20, 2010, in New York. W hen Muslim Americans in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, sought permission to build a mosque on an empty plot of land in April 2012, they were met with a series of objections from local officials. They didn’t plan for enough parking. Their headlights would disrupt the neighborhood. Traffic around the mosque would be too dangerous. They also met with an outburst of anti-Muslim bigotry. One mosque objector told a reporter , “I don’t want a mosque anywhere in my town quite frankly.” The mailbox of the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, the group pursuing the mosque, was vandalized twice; on one of those occasions, the assailants plastered a sticker with the letters ISIS, an acronym for the Islamic State, on the box. Four years later, after no fewer than...