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The Fate of Health-Care Reform

In anticipation of the Supreme Court's historic ruling on the Affordable Care Act tomorrow, we've collected the Prospect's most important pieces about the law and its fate at the Supreme Court.

Ten Reasons American Health Care is So Bad , Ezra Klein (November 2007) Of all the countries surveyed in a recent poll, Americans were the least likely to report relative satisfaction with their health care. Here are ten major ways our system is failing us. The Cost of Delayed Reform , Harold Pollack (July 2010) The temporary federal high-risk pools won't reach most of the medically uninsured. Is Roberts the Real Swing Vote on the Affordable Care Act? , Adam Serwer (February 2011) Why the Chief Justice might vote to uphold the ACA. The Medicare Bind , Paul Starr (September 2011) Democrats should defend Medicare. But if they want to accomplish much else, they will have to change it. The Court Will Rule—And Then? , Harold Meyerson (November 2011) No matter the outcome, a judicial review of the Affordable Care Act can only hurt Democrats. Will the Supreme Court Overturn Obamacare? , The Monkey Cage (November 2011) Two political scientists calculate the probabilities. In Dire Health ,...

On the Ground in Wisconsin

We'll keep you updated throughout the day of what's happening in the high-profile recall election.

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The Prospect Goes to the Oscars

Here are our reviews of some of this year's big hits so you can catch up before Sunday's show. 

Have you made your Oscar picks for this Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast yet? No fear, we've collected all our reviews of this year's nominated films so you can cram before the big show, and pass off Tom Carson's less-than-effusive thoughts on Midnight in Paris as your own (if you so choose). Don't forget to check in next week for our special Oscars-themed Vox and Friends podcast! Woody Allen's Excellent Adventure By Tom Carson Midnight in Paris is nothing more than a dilettante's guide to the City of Lights . In the running for: Best Picture; Best Original Screenplay Woody Allen's Excellent Adventure The Help's Same Old Story By Zerlina Maxwell The film boasts Oscar-worthy performances but spotlights black exploitation in Hollywood. In the running for: Best Picture; Best Actress; Best Supporting Actress The Help's Same Old Story From London, With Angst By Jake Blumgart Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy chronicles the last days of Britain as a superpower. In the running for: Best Actor...