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Sarah Aziza is an Arab-American writer based in New York City, where she covers issues including immigration, refugees, human rights, and mental health. Her website is Follow her on Twitter @SarahAziza1.

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Khalid Latif: A Muslim Imam Speaks Out

At a time when Muslim Americans are under fire on the campaign trail and around the country, a New York University imam has emerged as a national spokesman for a community he says is caught in an “echo chamber” of attacks and counterattacks.

(Photo: AP/Craig Ruttle)
(Photo: AP/Craig Ruttle) Khalid Latif addresses students, faculty, and clergy at the Kimmel Center at NYU on February 29, 2012. O n the morning of the September 11 World Trade Center attacks in 2001, Khalid Latif was an 18-year-old undergraduate at New York University. During one of several campus evacuations that day, at the top of his dormitory stairway, Latif felt a forceful shove on his shoulders. Turning around, he faced the anger-stricken face of a fellow student who had attempted to push him down the stairs. Latif had already heard students voicing anti-Muslim sentiments that morning, and says he believes his visible identity as a Muslim made him a target. Now 33 and one of the nation’s most outspoken Muslim leaders, Latif says he knew that day that life for Muslims in America would never be the same. Today, as chaplain and director of the Islamic Center at NYU, Latif says he has seen anti-Muslim sentiment surge in this election cycle to a level unmatched since 9/11. The...