How Not to Cover America

Spring 2018





  • Martin Luther King Jr.: The Prophet as Healer

    Randall Kennedy

    Whether by example or by strategy, Dr. King always looked for opportunities to build bridges.
  • Robert F. Kennedy: Teachings for Today

    Peter Edelman

    RFK had an uncanny capacity to reach across racial lines. He learned by listening and empathizing.
  • How the Globalists Ceded the Field to Donald Trump

    Robert Kuttner

    Unless the mainstream offers something better, he will be the voice of economic nationalism.
  • How Not to Cover America

    Michael Massing

    As local newspapers shrink and many of the national media close local bureaus, we depend increasingly on coverage by reporters who parachute into communities. But even the best are likely to be a step behind events.
  • Catching a Breeze

    Derrick Z. Jackson

    America’s belated push to develop offshore wind energy
  • Connecting Public Transit to Great Manufacturing Jobs

    Steven Greenhouse

    Madeline Janis, who pioneered local hiring agreements, is now enlisting cities to have railcars and buses made in America—by union workers.
  • Mobility and Social Justice

    Moving People, Not Cars

    Joan Fitzgerald

    Dedicated lanes for bikes and buses are a great idea. But there is only so much city street to go around. The missing link? Limiting cars.
  • Mobility and Social Justice

    Ridesharing Versus Public Transit

    Steven Hill

    How Uber and Lyft tend to widen disparities of race and class in urban transportation systems
  • Mobility and Social Justice

    Putting the Public First in Public-Private Partnerships

    Gabrielle Gurley

    Public-sector competence is needed to make sure citizens get a good deal—and private vendors are no substitute for adequate public funding.
  • Sharing the Tech Wealth

    Jordan Ecker

    Tech jobs tend to cluster geographically. Can we spread the benefits around?
  • Why America Needs More Social Housing

    Peter Dreier

    Subsidizing market prices to make housing affordable is a losing strategy. There’s a better way—on display for a century in Vienna.
  • West Virginia Teachers Won Their Strike. Now, They’re Rebuilding the Local Economy.

    Kalena Thomhave

    How the American Federation of Teachers has taken the lead in reinvigorating the poorest county in the state
  • How to Keep Social Security Secure

    Henry Aaron

    Here’s a plan that eliminates the long-term shortfall in its finances and updates the system for the 21st century.