The Real GOP Health Care Plan: Be Rich.

At TNR, Marin Cogan has a good, short profile of Alan Grayson, the freshman Democrat from Florida who announced on the House floor yesterday that the GOP's health care plan is: "Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly." He even used flashcards.

Grayson seems a little unhinged here, and that's too bad -- his theatrics remind me of covering my university's student government for the campus paper. But Grayson's opinions in favor of financial regulation and in opposition to escalation in Afghanistan and Iraq are coherent and progressive. I liked Grayson's effort to recommend constitutional education for the nation's high school seniors.

My slogan for the GOP health care platform would me more like this: Be rich. If you want an abortion, be rich! If you want to avoid bankruptcy in the event of a catastrophic car accident, be rich!

--Dana Goldstein

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