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Adam Serwer is a writing fellow at The American Prospect and a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also blogs at Jack and Jill Politics and has written for The Village Voice, The Washington Post, The Root, and the Daily News.

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Sure the Republicans have managed to bungle two wars, facilitate a recession, and cripwalked all over the Constitution of the United States, but Bill Clinton wants people in West Virginia to know that the real problem is that uppity Negro Barack Obama and his Yankee friends think they're better than you. Bill's turn towards conservative populism is particularly ironic given Clinton campaign manager Mark Penn' s insistence back in February that rural, mostly white states like Kansas and Iowa were not "significant states." Jonathan Chait says in his excellent piece on conservative populism that "overt racism has all but disappeared from mainstream political life," I'd disagree, (between Islamophobia and Lou Dobbs , I'd say "overt racism" is doing okay) but I'd also point out that was exactly the point of Lee Atwater 's turning such appeals into code, not so racism would disappear, but so people could exploit it without being held accountable. What Chait doesn't say, but what needs to be...


We should all be relieved that Rupert Murdoch has dropped his bid for New York daily Newsday , which means all he has left is the Wall Street Journal , the New York Post , and membership on the board of directors of The Associated Press . -- A. Serwer


Eds. Note: This week's guest blogger is Adam Serwer. Adam is a graduate student at Columbia University's school of journalism. He blogs at Too Sense and Jack and Jill Politics under the pseudonym dnA . The first part of Dana Priest and Amy Goldstein 's harrowing report on the health care conditions inside immigrant detention centers (prisons) for the WaPo is another example of the Bush Administration's extraordinary talent for mismanagement. Reading the article you get the impression that, to the administration, there's little difference between "suspected terrorists" and immigrants who are seeking work or asylum (I suppose to the talk radio set, there is no difference). They're treated as equally undeserving of rights or basic medical care, objects to be shifted around indefinitely, like so many boxes in a warehouse. It doesn't help that both ICE and the DIHS (Division of Immigration Health Services) are headed by political cronies Julie Myers and LaMont W. Flanagan respectively. The...