BIlly Wimsatt

Chief Ideas Officer, Gamechanger Labs

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Organize Every Precinct

We need more people. Not just a few more. We need a lot more people—and we need them organized at the scale of corporate and right-wing power. In the next 10 to 20 years, with emerging technologies, a clear plan, and leadership, we can have local self-organized progressive neighborhood Dream Teams in all of the 200,000 precincts in the United States. Not only that, we can also have affinity-based Dream Teams: knitting-circle Dream Teams, transgender Christian basketball Dream Teams, divorced dads with kids Dream Teams, you name it. Welcome to Organizing 3.0—21st-century style. Local Dream Teams in 200,000 precincts is the “moon shot” of our generation. It might sound impossible. But if we’re not serious about organizing at this scale, there is no way we’re ever going to win on climate, economic fairness, campaign finance, or other issues. Any political strategy that doesn’t include this level of organized people power is the political...