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5 Ways to Bring Fairness Into College Basketball

Icon Sportswire via AP Images
This article originally appeared at Yes! magazine . Did you fill out your office bracket for this year’s NCAA basketball tournament? I did. Although, for a couple reasons, I don’t feel great about it. For one, I don’t know who’s going to win just about any game, so my chances of winning the pool are basically zero. And two, the event has lost most of its luster as the economic inequities of college sports have become exposed. March Madness is now a bigger cash cow than the Super Bowl, but it’s also college league, which means the only people not getting a piece of the billion-dollar pie are the players. There’s a word for that: exploitation. The entire economic foundation of college sports is built on the outdated concept of amateurism. These are amateur athletes, the NCAA tells the world, who are playing for the love of the game. John Oliver, the comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week, Tonight , looked into the economic underbelly of March...