Dana R. Fisher & Scott Frickel

Dana R. Fisher is a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland. She is currently working on a book, American Resistance, which will be published by Columbia University Press. 

Scott Frickel is a professor of sociology and environment and society at Brown University. His research focuses on the intersections between science and activism.

Recent Articles

Will Scientists Gear Up for Activism in the Age of Trump?

Last year’s March for Science marked an important milestone for a group that usually keeps a low political profile. 

The 2017 March for Science was an innovative attempt to mobilize scientists to engage in public protest. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, millions of people have participated in numerous marches and rallies across the United States in resistance to his administration and its policies . But the March for Science differed from the other mass marches in one important way: The major organizers, including groups such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Union of Concerned Scientists, framed the event as a protest by “scientists and science supporters, teachers and parents, global citizens, and policymakers.” In other words, its core participants were specific professional groups (scientists, teachers, policymakers), rather than more identity-focused groups, such as women or African Americans. The march was doubly contentious because participants were called on to protest the current political regime and scientists were asked to set aside...