Jeff Hauser, Eleanor Eagan, & Adewale Maye

Jeff Hauser, Eleanor Eagan, & Adewale Maye work at the Revolving Door Project, where Hauser is the founder and director. 

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Do Pete Buttigieg’s Donors Know Him Better Than We Do?

The South Bend mayor has become a darling to Silicon Valley and Wall Street elite. That alone is a red flag.

In a field of 24 candidates , Democratic presidential hopefuls must attempt to stand out from the crowd, and Pete Buttigieg is no different. He foregrounds his personal story, relative youth, and roots in the country’s geographic center to pitch voters on a generational departure. “Such a moment calls for hopeful and audacious voices from communities like ours,” Buttigieg said in his announcement speech. “And yes, it calls for a new generation of leadership.” But when asked to fill in the details of that leadership, Buttigieg has been more circumspect. Unlike Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, he has not welcomed the wealthy donor class’s contempt. Unlike Joe Biden, he has not forthrightly defended the rich, assuring them that their “standard of living” will not change. Instead, Buttigieg embraces ambiguity and resists a clear definition. And the wealthy donor class is seemingly rewarding him for that choice with a bonanza of campaign...