Kirk Ross

Kirk Ross is a longtime North Carolina journalist. He covers the state legislature for Coastal Review, Carolina Public Press, and The Washington Post

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Taking Back North Carolina

In control of the gerrymandered legislature, Republicans are trying to strip power from the courts and the governor.  The Democrats are fighting them at the polls.

This article appears in the Fall 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . By Labor Day, the traditional start of campaign season, Marcus Bass had already logged thousands of miles crisscrossing the state working on turnout in the 2018 election. Bass is Deputy Director of the North Carolina Black Alliance, and like thousands of his fellow organizers and activists, he’s driven this year by the sense that there’s a lot more on the line in the ninth-largest state than voters may realize. It’s frustrating, he says, that deeply purple North Carolina is too often cast as another Deep South story. The lurch right by the legislature over the past decade cloaks a long history of social justice organizing that has given progressives the means to push back against the right’s agenda. “We’re not an Alabama,” he says. “North Carolina has consistently given the national audience an understanding of what the threats are and what...