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Leonard Benardo is vice president of Open Society Foundations.


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Hobsbawm, Unrepentant

A new biography connects the life and work of the great radical historian of capitalism.

Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History By Richard J. Evans Oxford University Press This article appears in the Summer 2019 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . When I was in graduate school, I had the good fortune to hear Eric Hobsbawm lecture on nationalism. The year was 1992. Hobsbawm had just published his widely read and sharply debated book on the theme, and in the aftermath of the implosion in communist Central and Eastern Europe and the revival of the so-called captive nations, everyone wanted to hear his take on the subject. Hobsbawm’s talk was packed. Edward Said, the esteemed Columbia University professor of literature, arrived late and found a spot only on the floor in the back. With Hobsbawm at perhaps his reputational apogee, the event felt more like an Event, a happening of unusual significance. Richard Evans’s appreciative and deeply researched biography of the Marxist historian and intellectual, only a handful of years since Hobsbawm’s...