Orli Avi-Yonah

Orli Avi-Yonah is a clinical psychologist in Boston and a consultant to the family assessment clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her area of expertise is trauma. 

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Between Gaza and Jerusalem

The unholy coalition of the unwilling and the human tragedy

Momen Faiz/NurPhoto/Sipa via AP Images Palestinian protesters take part during clashes after protests near the border with Israel in the east of the Gaza Strip T he two scenes could not have seemed more different. In the mountains, the Israeli prime minister was celebrating the opening of the new U.S. embassy with his chosen allies, the imperious Armageddon crowd, who believe that the entire Jewish state is a mere vehicle to usher in the end of days. On the coastal plain a short 40 miles away, scores of desperate Palestinians lay dying in a vain attempt to storm the barrier separating them from the lands their ancestors lost in Israel’s war of independence, on the same day 70 years ago. There is a common and lethal logic underlying both situations. The prime minister and his Jewish and Christian allies believe in a biblical Israel, with Jews occupying and dominating the entire land from the Jordan to the sea. If Jews cannot rule the mountaintop, where their biblical ancestors lived,...