Roger Bybee

Roger Bybee, based in Milwaukee, has written on labor and economic issues for the past 36 years, including 14 years as editor of The Racine Labor weekly. Bybee's work has been included in several anthologies, and he teaches Labor Studies as the University of Illinois.

Recent Articles

The Wisconsin Way

Volcanic pressure is building up nationwide over soaring health care premiums and fast-shrinking coverage, but George W. Bush will surely plug up any eruption of reform at the national level during the remainder of his term. What he can't prevent is the pressure already breaking through at the state level, which will likely intensify as the Democratic presidential candidates continually reinforce the reform message. As we've seen, even Republican governors in Massachusetts and California are implementing reform plans, though both of them carry profound flaws. Thus far, the efforts of Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger have garnered the most attention -- but progressives have reason to look closely at some very exciting developments in Wisconsin, where a major push for statewide universal health coverage is underway. "Wisconsin now has the chance to do what it did at the turn of the century and set a national model for other states and the nation," says a hopeful Robert Kraig of...