Samantha Buckingham

Samantha Buckingham defends young people accused of delinquency in Los Angeles through her work as the director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. As a clinical professor at Loyola, she also teaches criminal procedure. She is a former high school teacher and a public defender in Washington, D.C. Follow her @SamBuck4JuvJust.

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Enough Is Enough: Kavanaugh Should Not Sit on the Supreme Court

A law professor who works with juvenile offenders believes that the judge’s behavior during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing disqualifies him from a lifetime appointment.

(Tom Williams/Pool Image via AP)
I have dedicated my professional existence to defending teenagers who are accused of crimes. I fight every day to ensure that the mistakes a teenager makes do not haunt that young person for the rest of their lives. I defend kids whose liberty is on the line because they are accused of what Judge Brett Kavanaugh is accused of doing. My dad once said I was “God’s gift to kids who do bad things.” Following Kavanaugh’s increasingly difficult path to the Supreme Court last week has frustrated me, but the reasons for that frustration may surprise you. Politics have obfuscated the purpose of these hearings and cloud the real issues. Confirmation hearings are about due process and the standard, or level, of proof sufficient to refuse to confirm a nominee. Due process means that Americans value fairness in our procedures in order to obtain a just outcome. Due process means that how we arrive at a decision has value in and of itself. This concept is essential to any...