Shaoul Sussman

Shaoul Sussman is a graduate of Fordham Law School and an incoming associate at Pearl Cohen.

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How Amazon Controls Its Marketplace

Amazon’s dominance doesn’t merely rely on competing with sellers on its platform. It extracts a deep cut from every transaction, at the expense of sellers and customers.

“Platforms! There is a great future in platforms … think about it,” said NYU economics professor Lawrence J. White, reinventing a key line from The Graduate in introducing Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, at an antitrust conference earlier this summer. White offered good advice. Platforms play a major role in every section of our economy today: Google and its search engine, Facebook with its apps and ad business, Apple and its App store, and Amazon with its e-commerce marketplace. In other spheres of the economy we have ridesharing platforms Uber and Lyft, streaming platform Netflix, house-sharing platform Airbnb, and many more. “Platform” denotes an inherently passive concept, merely facilitating interaction between two or more active entities. This certainly appeals to Big Tech, allowing them to dissociate themselves from any agency. Instead, they portray themselves as big, dumb pipes of information without nefarious intent. It was not...