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TV's Last Taboo

When it comes to sexual content on network television, broadcasting is an ever more risqué business. Yet in one small corner of the TV industry, a peculiar standard prevails: Straightforward and frank television advertising for contraceptives is almost as unheard of as it was in the Father Knows Best era. In a recent moment of absurdity, the Fox network denied a contraceptive company an advertising time slot during its sexual-adventure show Temptation Island. The rejected ad was for Encare, a spermicide product made by Blairex Laboratories. "Here's a program that revolves around the premise of promiscuity," says Al Kestnbaum, president of Encare's advertising agency, Chestnut Communications in Greenwich, Connecticut. "I'm grasping for understanding [about] why they won't have our products." Kestnbaum says his understanding of Fox's ad policy is that disease-prevention claims are acceptable but that messages about unwanted pregnancy are not. The network bias against birth...