Teke Wiggin

Teke Wiggin is a Brooklyn-based freelance reporter who covers labor, tech, and housing.

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The Silver Lining of the New Gilded Age: Fewer Targets

When a private equity firm like Blackstone becomes a mega-landlord, money lender, and construction behemoth, many different progressive constituencies can come together to pressure and bargain with it.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
At noon on January 17 of this year, activists began protesting outside the Blackstone Group’s New York City headquarters over the private equity giant’s foreclosures in Puerto Rico. Simultaneously, a social justice group in California released a report detailing Blackstone’s alleged mistreatment of thousands of the state’s tenants. The timing was no coincidence. The extreme concentration of economic ownership and power in 21st t -century America is creating more opportunities for disparate groups—from renters and unions to community groups and financial reform organizations—to ally against common adversaries and pressure them for broad concessions. This growing collaboration points to what some see as a necessary reaction and potential silver lining to the New Gilded Age. “The same guys own everything,” Stephen Lerner, a veteran community and labor organizer, told a crowd of labor leaders in New York City late last year. “We can...