Tim Fernholz

Tim Fernholz is a former staff writer for the Prospect. His work has been published by Newsweek, The New Republic, The Nation, The Guardian, and The Daily Beast. He is also a Research Fellow at the New America Foundation.

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Ross Douhat discusses post-Surge/post-Election Iraq strategy and seems to posit that, even though a McCain presidency would have more full-throated imperialists in positions of influence, his administration represents a more modest direction in foreign policy because ... he'd reduce troops a little bit over time (a doubtful claim since his website says that the preconditions for any troop withdrawal are a functioning Iraqi government that can protect it's people, something not likely to emerge soon), while Obama would take them out quickly. Ross thinks that McCain's hawkish tendencies -- both in Iraq and, presumably, all the other places where he'd like to start a war -- will be constrained by facts on the ground, leaving long-term strategy to be dealt with by a future administration. In Ross' mind, a vote for McCain is a vote for putting off deciding the "long-term question of the size and scope of America’s entanglement in the Middle East" some four to eight years. But that's...


It's nice to wake up and see North Korea destroying a nuclear tower on the New York Times frontpage. It's even nicer to (belatedly) see Bush administration officials waking up to reality— “I think one of the things we did in this process, to be honest, is I think we learned a bit,” Mr. Bush’s national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, said at the White House on Thursday. You don't say -- patient multilateral negotiations with an adversary state can produce results? While this is by no means the end of our nuclear discussions with North Korea, it is also major step forward and practical example for our dealings with Iran (admittedly a tougher nut to crack in terms of its stronger economy and less oppressive government.) A conservative critic of the new direction quoted in the same article described Bush's previous, unsuccessful policies as "core Republican Party principles." Talk about a brand in distress! -- Tim Fernholz...


Editors' Note: We're thrilled to introduce our new writing fellow Tim Fernholz . His work has been published by The New Republic , The Nation , American Lawyer , and the Washington City Paper. He is also a contributing writer at Campus Progress. After Barack Obama opted out of public financing, it was a little worrisome to see John McCain achieve fundraising parity in May. Want another scare? Try this profile of Sheldon Adelson , the overweening gambling czar whose goal in life is literally buying influence. For example, this attempt to bribe Democratic Representative Shelley Berkley : “I have unique personal knowledge of how Mr. Adelson seeks to dominate politics and public policy through the raw power of money. Shortly before I was fired from the Sands by Mr. Adelson in 1997, he made me an offer. It was a bizarre proposition, but it was simple and it was direct. He told me if I would switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party he would provide all the campaign...